Concentrated sheep and goat milk whey in powder format Real Greek Protein 80i (WPC 80 i)

High quality Greek pure protein of sheep and goat whey (WPC) in powder, with 80% content in pure protein, which is produced under mild conditions with the method of Ultrafiltration / Diafiltration.

Real Greek Protein 80i as a natural product

TheReal Greek Protein 80i is a pure, natural product without any conservatives, flavour additives or sweetening substances. It has excellent dilution qualities. It is tasteful, with a natural aroma of milk.

WHEYPRO80i as a source of protein

The whey protein is an excellent source of protein. It is ideal for athletes of any sport that require large quantities of protein on a daily basis, as well as for those that do sports to ameliorate their physical condition, those that take care of their nutrition, and the elderly that want to increase their daily intake of protein for a more robust body. It contains 24g of pure whey protein for every 30g serving, in combination with low levels of fat and lactose. The unique quality and nutritional value of the whey protein is displayed in the comparisson table below, where other sources of protein are mentioned alongside WheyPro80i.